Affiliate marketing: What is it and how to start affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing

Many people are looking for easy ways to profit from the Internet. Since there are many ways and sites to profit from the Internet, choose the right way for you, learn it, and start it.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most important and common ways to profit from the Internet. One of the most important features of affiliate marketing is that it covers many fields. You can target any field you love by affiliate marketing.

?What is affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a deal between the owner of the product or service on one hand (advertiser), and the affiliate marketer. The marketer provides marketing services to the advertiser for a certain commission.

The advertiser starts an affiliate marketing program for his products or services. The advertiser determines the criteria and rules for his affiliate marketing program. Marketer applies to take part in the affiliate marketing program.

If the marketer is accepted, work begins between the advertiser and the marketer. The marketer is paid through an online payment method, the most important of which are bank transfers, electronic banks such as PayPal, Payoneer, Payeer, and others.

CPA companies are included in the term affiliate marketing and are third-party partners between the advertiser and the marketer. Money is earned for completing a simple task, such as downloading an app or making people download it. We will publish another article on CPA soon, hopefully.

Affiliate marketing for beginners

Are affiliate marketing programs suitable for beginners? This is an important question for all beginners in profit from the Internet. The affiliate marketing program is suitable for beginners, as it does not need any skill and does not need any investment and you can start earning commissions. But those with experience and had money will certainly get more commissions and more sales in less time.

You can now start affiliate marketing and learn and gain more experience to increase your sales and commissions. You can take courses in commission marketing as the Internet is full of paid and free courses. Browse the courses page of our site and download any course you want.

?Is affiliate marketing profitable

Affiliate marketing programs are very profitable and one of the most profitable ways online. Thousands of people make thousands of dollars every day from affiliate marketing programs. But beginners’ profits are lower than for professionals in the field. The more you take courses and gain experience, the more you sell and earn commissions.

?How to start affiliate marketing

I will offer you several important steps to start now your affiliate marketing program. All steps must be applied in order to get the profit you want. These steps are:

The niche and the offer

We always recommend choosing the right niche you love and understand, because it’s important to be familiar with the niche and the offer. There are hundreds of niches that you can start with.

After choosing the right niche, you must choose a suitable product and learn about everything about it, such as its features, reviews, and discount coupons if available.

Affiliate marketing sites

There are many affiliate marketing sites, which contain many affiliate marketing programs in all niches and contain thousands of products on the same site. You can log in to affiliate marketing sites, choose the right niche for you, browse the products in it and choose the product you want to market.

You can choose a product that has been sold many times and the customer’s review is good. You can also choose products that do not have rules to accept marketers and be accepted immediately after clicking on the product. The search bar in the affiliate marketing sites lets you filter results by the most sales and acceptance of the marketer immediately, etc.

Click bank and ShareASale are among the most important affiliate marketing sites. Travelpayout is one of the most important affiliate marketing sites for tourism and aviation booking companies. You can find other affiliate marketing sites through our affiliate marketing page.

Affiliate marketing programs

There are many sites that allow affiliate marketing programs by registration on their own site. Online shopping stores, as for example, offer affiliate marketing program through their own sites, including affiliate marketing Amazon, Jumia, and Ali-Express. Visit our online shopping page to access the largest list of online shopping sites, browse websites, learn about their affiliate marketing programs and choose one or more.

Most sites have an affiliate marketing program you can register and start marketing. If you like a site that offers a specific service and want to market it and do not find a link to their affiliate marketing program, you can email the site owner and introduce yourself and tell them you want to market their service.

Source for traffic

You must deliver the service or product to people interested in it in order to get sales and therefore get commissions. There are many ways to bring customers, including free and paid routes. The most important of these methods are:

Social media promotion

Social media sites are one of the most important ways to bring in customers interested in a particular service or product. You can create a page where you place affiliate marketing links and anyone gets the product through your link, you will get your commission. You can also subscribe to large groups and put your affiliate links through your posts on the group.

All social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and others, can be used for marketing. Another way to get targeted customers is to run paid advertising campaigns on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google. These paid ads are more guaranteed to bring in target customers and get sales. But these ads are suitable for people who have money for them.

Create your own site

You can create a site, write many articles, and place marketing links within articles. You can also create an online store that contains many products with your affiliate links and connect them to the actual store that sells the product. Creating a discount coupon site is a marvelous idea because many customers are looking for discount coupons before buying any product.

People who do not have any money can set up a professional website on Blogger for free. The domain can also be got free. We will write articles on how to create a free website on Blogger soon hopefully.

Youtube Channel

Creating a YouTube channel that contains videos in your niche is one of the most important ways to bring in target customers to your affiliate marketing links. You can make reviews of products and sites and put your affiliate links in the video description. Creating a YouTube channel does not need any money. You can create it in simple steps, as many youtubers only use their phones to create videos.

Paid Ads companies

This is a way for those who have money to run paid ads campaigns through private ads companies. This method is one of the most important sources to bring targeted customers to your affiliate links. There are many paid Ads companies such as Google ads, Adsterra, Propellerads, Popads, and others.


Affiliate marketing is one of the most important ways to profit from the Internet. Affiliate marketing is a source of significant revenue reach up to thousands of dollars. Beginners can start in the field and then increase their experience and knowledge to increase profits. For anyone who wants an additional source of income, you should now start affiliate marketing.

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